Class Sessions
Choose a Session
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Open Gym
Location: Crossfit Decimate
$15.00 for existing Wodify Athletes
15 Punch Pass
Limit: 15 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Open Gym
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
3 Day Trial (Experienced CrossFit athletes only) Check us out before you join!
Come see if Decimate is your new CF Home! Check us out for 3 Days for free.

Experienced CrossFit Athletes only, Must be Colorado resident or relocating to Colorado.  

New to CF? Try our Fundamentals Classes!
Limit: 3 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Decimate Pride Woman's Class, Open Gym
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
Child Watch 20 Sessions Punch Card
Child watch punch card entitles one child up to two sessions per day. Supervised Child watch so Mom and Dad can get Fit !!
Limit: 20 Sessions
Programs: Child Watch
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
CrossFit Kids Punch Card Ages 4-12
CrossFit Kids ! Keep youe kids active and learning new skills...
Limit: 8 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit Kids
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
Decimate Pride Woman's Class
Where woman's empowerment meets CrossFit ! Female only class. Join the hunt !
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: Decimate Pride Woman's Class
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
Fundamentals (Group Classes)
Start your CrossFit journey with a group of like minded people!  Classes are the first two weeks of the month Monday. Wednesday and Thursdays at 7:30 Pm And are always free!
Limit: 6 Sessions
Programs: Fundamentals (Group Classes)
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
Fundamentals (Semi-Private)
Want some personal time with the best Coaches in Colorado? Book four Semi-Private sessions (1-3 People)  at times that are convenient for you. Includes your first month unlimited membership!
Limit: 4 Sessions
Programs: Fundamentals (Semi-Private)
LocationsCrossfit Decimate
Weightlifting Free Trial
Limit: 3 Sessions
Programs: Olympic Lifting, Open Gym
LocationsCrossfit Decimate